Jewellery Care

How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewellery

Hello everyone! Here’s a little home hack I thought I would share with you all for cleaning sterling silver jewellery. Please try this at your own risk. This technique isn’t suitable for antique silver pieces or pieces which feature soft/porous gemstones such as pearls, amber, onyx, agate, emerald and opals. If in doubt google it […]

Jewellery Care

5 Simple Jewellery Care Tips

Over time even the most expensive pieces of jewellery will begin to tarnish and discolour. I’m going to share some simple tips to help care for and prolong the life of your jewellery pieces, whether they are super expensive or not. A lot of metals can tarnish, some more quickly than others. Tarnish is a […]

Purple Ness Updates


Hello there and a massive welcome to Purple Ness Creations! My name’s Vanessa and I am a self taught jewellery maker based in Bristol, UK. I live here with my husband, two children and a small collection of pets. I’ve been making jewellery from a very young age and am generally a bit of a […]

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