Purple Ness Update 7th August ’21

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog update so thought it was about time I did one!

I’ve been quite busy recently with training and the workshop programme launching at my day job but I’m still here crafting away and creating in the background.

Me crafting away at work!

I’ve recently started experimenting with Jesmonite which I am in love with!

Jesmonite is an eco-resin system made of two parts. It is non-toxic, VOC and solvent free and dries super quick! It has a lovely matte finish which allows you to create really eye-catching but tactile pieces.

I’ve been using it to create some Terrazzo inspired pieces in bright and fun colours – of course purple makes an appearance!

Terrazzo Inspired Semi-Circle Link Earrings

I recently fell in love with a Terrazzo style pot I saw in a supermarket and then saw an article in a magazine to create one and just knew this was something I had to try.

Terrazzo is a composite material made from marble, glass or other types of stone placed into a cement base and then polished to let the chips show through.

The magazine article I read suggested using Jesmonite to create a similar effect. Which I found SO fun to do. Once I had made a coaster I just new I had to make some jewellery in this style.

Making wearable Terrazzo inspired pieces has been super fun and I can’t wait to create more. My first collection of Terrazzo pieces will be launching on Sunday 8th of August at 19:00. Check out the new product section on the home page to check them out when they launch.

Keep your eyes out for some more newbies coming soon.

Thank you for reading and will do another post real soon!

Vanessa x

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