Swallow and Heart Aluminium Cuff Bracelet


These adorable 6mm swallow bird designs have been stamped either side of a 3mm heart onto a 9.5mm wide aluminium cuff bracelet creating a dainty but cute rockabilly style bracelet.

Metal stamped, shaped and polished by hand this bracelet has been made with lots of love and is the perfect gift for fans of swallows and rockabilly inspired jewellery.

Aluminium is a lightweight metal which makes it great for creating beautiful jewellery that isn’t too heavy to wear.

Please note due to the handmade nature of this product the alignment and depth of the stamped design may vary slightly to that pictured.

Please avoid wearing jewellery whilst swimming and bathing. Cuff bracelets can be adjusted slightly to fit but please be careful as too much reshaping can cause the metal to fracture and break over time.

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