Gemstone Chip and Aluminium Cuff Bracelet Set


These gemstone chip and aluminium cuff bracelet sets make a lovely gift for a crystal lover no matter where they are in their healing crystal journeys.

Each sets comes with one gemstone chip bracelet and a metal stamped aluminium cuff bracelet. The aluminium cuff bracelets are stamped with 3 words to represent the gemstones qualities as listed below and feature a lightly hammered edge as pictured.

Due to the handmade nature of this product the depth and alignment of the wording may vary slightly from that pictured. The beads used may vary slightly from that pictured in colour and size due to their natural formation.

Available to order in:

  • Clear Quartz – known commonly as the master healer of crystals due to its ability to channel energy. Fantastic for meditation as it focuses the mind and relieves negativity. “PURITY, CLARITY, HEALING” are stamped on the cuff bracelet in this set.
  •  Blue Lace Agate is associated with stress relief and is great for soothing an active mind, bringing with it a sense of calm and balance. Also known to alleviate anger by creating a sense of emotional release. “BALANCE, CALM, RELEASE” are stamped on the cuff bracelet in this set.
  • Rose quartz is known commonly as the love stone and its meaning is that of unconditional love. It attracts love to your life – be it with a partner, family, friends or even a sense of love and compassion for yourself. Fantastic for promoting self love and care. “WARMTH, LOVE HEALING” are stamped on the cuff bracelet in this set.
  •  Snowflake obsidian is part of the obsidian family – made from volcanic glass. Brings peace of mind and wisdom whilst offering protection and encourages purity.
    “PROTECTION, WISDOM, GROUNDING” are stamped on the cuff bracelet in this set.
  •  Rainbow Fluorite is a great protection and stabilising stone, perfect for grounding and harmonising spiritual energy, promoting a sense of calm and focus. Provides a heightened sense of mental clarity whilst absorbing negative energies from your surrounding. “CALM, FOCUS, PROTECTION” are stamped on the cuff bracelet in this set.
  • Amethyst is known for its amazing healing properties. It is a wonderful stone for purifying the mind and clearing negative thoughts including stress and anxiety. “PEACE, HEAL, RELAX” are stamped on the cuff bracelet in this set.

Aluminium cuff bracelet: 6mm x 152mmm
Gemstone bracelet: approx 7.5” circumference
Both should fit a wrist size of up to 7.5”.



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Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Rainbow Fluorite, Clear Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian

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